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Leaps & Bounds Rabbit Rescue

Dedicated to finding new permanent homes for rescued rabbits!  

     Bale (yes, bale, not bail!) us out........

We use Oxbow Timothy Hay, Oxbow Orchard Grass, Oxbow Alfalfa, and some other Oxbow hay types that are available such at Meadow and Oat.  We also use Oxbow food pellets - Oxbow Bunny Basics T for adults and Oxbow Bunny Basics 15/23 for young rabbits, nursing mothers, older rabbits, and sick rabbits (it helps to keep weight on). 

Since hay should be the primary component of a rabbit's diet, we are always using hay and we always need hay! 

If you would like to help us by purchasing or donating funds for hay, please contact any of the following:

Leaps & Bounds Rabbit Rescue, Inc. by telephone at: #(916) 78BUNNY (782-8669); or

Kim by e-mail at: