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Leaps & Bounds Rabbit Rescue

Dedicated to finding new permanent homes for rescued rabbits!  

Rabbits Under Medical Care 

 Racer Update as December 2009:  We are saddened to report that Racer crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on December 9, 2009.  Although we made all possible efforts to be sure Racer was very well taken care of by his veterinarian, he lost his battle with an abscess on December 9, 2009. Racer was a happy and incredibily sweet bunny who lived too short of a life.  Binkies to you Racer.


Mojo Update as of August 2009:  We are saddened to report that Mojo crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Although we are sure Mojo was very well taken care of by his owners, we are also sure that his parents and all of his bunny and cat family members miss him very much.  Mojo was an incredibily sweet bunny who lived too short of a life.  Binkies to you Mojo.

Update as of April 5, 2009:  Mojo has been adopted by his foster parents - we are positive he will receive excellent care!  He is a wonderful rabbit who was rescued by Leaps and Bounds Rabbit Rescue in December of 2008. He had been part of a large family, with children, cats and dogs. Although he was middle-aged (approximately six years old), there were several families interested in adopting him.

Mojo has had a small matter of clearing up an intestinal difficulty, which was thought to be caused by too much coccidia, an intestinal bacteria. Mojo came to live with foster parents Adam and Kathryn, their five cats and five rabbits while he recovered. Concern grew as the four antibiotics which can cure coccidia were tried and failed to make Mojo better. Although he was eating lots of hay and veggies, he began to lose weight.

Eventually it was believed that Mojo had cow poop syndrome. While there is no cure for cow poop syndrome, Mojo’s symptoms improved somewhat with a medical treatment plan. He was given two medications and two herbal extracts and underwent acupuncture and electro-acupuncture. He was also given unlimited amounts of Oxbow Critical Care to keep his weight up. Last week, he showed some signs of recovery, but he eventually began regressing.
Because of the high medical costs associated with Mojo’s condition, Mojo was not made available for adoption. Leaps and Bounds continued to care for him and Kathryn and Adam will continued to foster him with provide financial backing for his medical needs, until he became member of their family.

Mojo was a happy, sweet little guy who loved to hang out with the cats and rabbits. When he would hear dishes rattling, he knew that it’s time for Critical Care and he would race into the kitchen to stand on our feet while it was prepared for him.

Mojo's veterinary expenses are well over $450.00 and his former foster parents (now his parents!) have incurred additional expenses on their own as stated above while he continued treatment.  Any donations towards his former medical care would be much appreciated!  Click on the Donate tab for a PayPal link or for our mailing address if you would like to assist us with Mojo's medical expenses. 

Venus Update as of May 1, 2009: Venus has been adopted by her foster parents.  She has a damaged tear duct, but she no longer requires medication. 

We have been told that Venus' excess tearing of her eye might improve if she were to become part of a bonded pair and bunnies tend to groom themselves and their bonded mate quite alot.  We are willing to assist with bonding for Venus and any potential mate. 

Venus's veterinary expenses were in the $400.00 range, and any donations for her recent care would be much appreciated!


Rocklin Rabbits, January 6, 2009: A sample of pictures of rabbits from the Rocklin case tat were under medical care for their injuries. Any help with their medical expenses or foster care would be greatly appreciated. 



Binkers Update as of January 10, 2009: Binkers has been adopted!  She had a slight balance problem that was noticed in late September, which was followed by a fall from her housing unit.  She was taken to an emergency vet appointment and it has been determined that she has arthritis.  She was on an anti-inflamnitory medication as well as a pain medication for a few days.  Her medical bills last night were just over $396.00.  The medication has not proven to be very helpful, and she is now considered partially disabled. 

We have had one acupuncture session for Binkers, which was done on October 31, 2008, and another session is scheduled.   A bunny cart  - a sort of wheelchair for bunnies, was order for Binkers through Doggon' Wheels (, and the cart was received on November 7, 2008.  The cost of the bunny cart was $213.00, and well worth it!  Binkers is doing wonderfully with this cart!  She can now get around, and she also seems to be regaining some of the use that was lost in her rear legs.  We couldn't be happier!  Also, an adoption is now pending for Binkers.  Please see the picture to the left of Binkers using her bunny cart as she joins her potential new family for a game. 

Binkers is a Katrina survivor who was transported to California via the Bunderground Railroad three years ago.  She has waited patiently for a new home for a very long time.  It warms our hearts to know that she now has one.  As with all of our rabbits, we kept her until we were able to find her a permanent home.  Binkers is a wonderful little lady and she deserves a live a comfortable life.  Her mental condition is excellent at this time and her appetite is very good as well.  Click on the Donate tab for a PayPal link or for our mailing address if you would like to assist us with funding for her care.  Binkers will be visiting PETCO periodically on Saturday's to "show off her wheels"! 

February 28, 2009: It is with great sadness that we tell you Binkers has passed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Binkers had a loving family that adopted her and took care of her in the last five months of her life.  We take comfort in the fact that Binkers finally had a family she could call her own and a family that loved her very much.    



Chelsea Update as of November 2008: Chelsea is no longer for adoption.  She required several medical procedures after she was rescued and up until mid 2008 or so.  Chelsea's condition was possibly due to neglect, abandonment, or both we are sad to say.  Chelsea is now fully recovered.  She is quite the "pistol" - meaning she quite rambunctious.  In Chelsea's case, this is a good thing as she was nearing being euthanized when she was rescued!  We have named her as a group "ambassador", and she is very deserving of the honor!