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Leaps & Bounds Rabbit Rescue

Dedicated to finding new permanent homes for rescued rabbits!  

Are you thinking of adopting a house rabbit?

If you are, there are some considerations that you should make prior to adoption.  First, you should research the care and time aspect involved, the behavioral patterns of rabbits, the housing and feeding requirements of rabbits, and medical requirements of rabbits, and then you should decide on whether a rabbit is right for you!  We adopt to indoor homes only. 

If you have a dog, it is always a good idea to let us know in advance of an adoption event.  Please be aware that you will most likely need to bring your dog with you to the adoption event so that we can gauge your dog's reaction to the rabbit and the rabbit's reaction to the dog.  Not all animals can co-exist peacefully in the same household. 

Consider adopting a house rabbit through a rescue organization.  There are many rabbits in need of permanent homes, and we will try to match you with a rabbit that will be a good fit.  We provide educational services for the care of your new rabbit, and all of our rabbits are spayed or neutered before going to a new home.  We use and carry Oxbow products such as hay, food pelles, papaya tablets, treats, and Critical Care.  

Please remember these things:  SPAY, NEUTER, ADOPT.  It's that simple.  It saves lives.


Once you have researched or discussed the care requirements for a house rabbit, our volunteers will screen you and have you complete paperwork necessary for the adoption. 


Taking the big leap (or hop in this instance!)

Once you have decided that you would like to have a house rabbit and you have been screened, the next step is deciding on which rabbit or rabbits.  Rabbit Rescue programs, such as ours, obtain a large variety of rabbits – some large, some small, some breeds known, some breeds not known, some young, some older, but in all instances a rabbit you adopt for our group will be spayed or neutered prior to adoption. 

If you are looking to add another rabbit to your household, we require that you have your existing rabbit r rabbits spayed or neutered unless there is a medical reason this cannot be done prior to adotpion one or more of our rabbits.  Adoption to any household where there is a rabbit that is not spayed or neutered for medical reasons will be considered on a case-by-case basis only. 

The rabbits that we take into our rescue group are adopted out to indoor homes only.  Also, bonded pairs are adopted out as that - a bonded pair, therefore, they must be adopted out as a bonded pair and they must remain together.   We take the adoption of our rabbits very seriously.  We reserve the right to refuse adoption to any individual at the sole discretion of Leaps & Bounds Rabbit Rescue, Inc.