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Leaps & Bounds Rabbit Rescue

Dedicated to finding new permanent homes for rescued rabbits!  


We like taking pictures of rabbits, ours (remember that ours are available for adoption too!), yours, your friends, your neighbors - whatever, we don't care! 

Rabbits are cute, we know it and they know it too.  Rabbits like to play, they love to explore and they enjoy our sets, and we think they like their pictures taken too because they pose quite well!

Periodically we will host rabbit photo sessions, but we would also be happy to take requests from anyone wishing to have a photo sitting (well, ok, maybe not "sitting") for your chosen rabbit.  We will also accomodate other animals for a photo session if you like our set.  Jessica and Kim are doing most of our photography team at this time.

For rabbit photographs, please send an e-mail to the following e-mail address: